How We Do It

Jim Shipton, RLA – Planner & Landscape Architect

Jim does it in the bushes!

Manure, you can lay it on thick, mix it in deep or skip it all together.  All can be appropriate depending on the situation.  As a Landscape Architect with a lot of years of experience in getting projects done, I am very interested in getting to the point.  Whether we are discussing planning, entitlements, land surveying, civil engineering or the landscape architecture of your development I want to meet your needs.  I understand that it is important to do it economically, timely and with high-quality.  Let’s find the best approach to meet your needs.  I understand all aspects of land development and the processes to accomplish your goals from the planning and land use documents. In 2008 I published an article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal describing the importance of connectivity in mixed-use developments.  You can view it here.  I have the ability to represent at all levels to staff, neighbors and the general public at your side or as your representative.

 Tiffany Watson, PE – Planner & Civil Engineer

Tiffany does it in the pipes!

I get !#$% off your site, literally.  There is no magic to a solidly engineered site.  It needs to be graded to meet the jurisdictional requirements and in a way that gets storm water away from buildings and pedestrian areas.  It needs to be coordinated with the building architect to create cohesion and interoperability with various finish floors.  Underground utilities need to have positive slopes to their connections and be conflict free.  My designs are influenced by 18 years of experience and are both efficient and value engineered to eliminate costly or unnecessary structures.  I have been recognized for my designs most notably by CREW Denver (Commercial Real Estate for Women) Women of Influence 2011 award for my work on the IKEA Centennial project.  View the presentation video here.  I’m passionate about what I do and want to do whatever I can to help make your project both cost effective and useful.

Cameron Watson, PLS – Planner & Land Surveyor

Cameron does it at the corners!

I love Land Surveying – whether it’s working from 120 year old maps or creating new subdivisions.  To me there is nothing more important than accurately locating your property.  In 2008 I published an article in the Colorado Real Estate Journal describing how important I think a strong boundary survey is and some of the pitfalls it can help my Clients avoid.  The article can be viewed here.  I can provide surveying from beginning to end; ALTA Surveys used to purchase your property, Subdivision Plats to entitle it, Topo surveys to support civil designs and construction staking to get your project out of the ground.  I use my 18 years of experience to correctly locate property corners and quickly deliver accurate and reliable maps and documents.  Over the years I have built strong relationships with contractors, title companies and attorneys by combining a client-first mentality with a grounded, real world perspective.

How do you do it?