Civil Engineering

At Point we’re bringing sexy back to Civil Engineering!…yeah right.  We all know there is nothing sexy about Civil Engineering, that’s why everyone shows you slideshows of the buildings and not the site.  We don’t do that at Point!

What defines a great engineering site design?  For us its definition hinges on efficiency and common sense.  The principles of Civil Engineering haven’t changed for five thousand years; water still won’t flow uphill and we still don’t want sewer backing up in our buildings.  We’re not going to kid you, there are some serious technical problems to solve with some sites, especially with infill redevelopment but we have the tools and experience to find the right answers whether it be underground detention or force mains.  Our Civil Engineering may not be sexy, unless you are attracted to a design that saves construction costs, meets ADA slope criteria and minimizes contractor RFI’s.Civil Engineering Word Mashup