Site Planning

Site Planning is an iterative process that can have a broad range of complexity depending on the type of development being implemented.  The first thing we’ll do is ask you what your Point is.  At Point our communication style and design philosophy is not to overthink; if your intent is to simply see if a concept will generally work or if a site, building, parking and circulation combination will function then we’ll start with a hand sketch overlaid on Google Earth© aerial images.  These drafts can then be quickly distributed to the team for review and comment.  They can be scribbled on, marked up and quickly redrawn until the program is met.  If the you want to take it to the next level we then draft everything into CAD and create a reliable site plan with a real boundary.  This detailed Site Plan can then be used to submit to a City Planning group for a concept review or color rendered for use in your broker’s marketing materials.